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1300 - 1600                                                                                        1600 - 1800

a list of witch executions

witchcraft act of 1563 to 1736





Consulting magicians.  2 years penance
Believing in or participating in witchcraft.  1 -2 years penance
Incantations, and enchantment which evil men... make, while they say diabolical formulae.  2 years penance
Collecting medicinal herbs with evil incantations.  ten days bread and water
Pray at a place other than a church or other religious place.  3 years penance
Showing joy over death.  30 days of bread and water
Taking someone's life with magic  Death penalty
Turning someone in to a rabbit  20 days of bread and water
Diabolism  60 days of bread and water
Holding any sacred ceremonies  1 year Penance
Invocation  30 days of bread and water
Believing you can be turned into a wolf.  10 days of bread and water

Below is an an image of Diabolism. Diabolism is the summoning of devils, demons or the Devil.



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